About Us

Leah & JoeWe are thrilled that you have stopped by. We have been truly blessed with the privilege to preserve this beautiful Garden and to work each and every day to enrich its beauty. We are delighted to share this distinctive milieu with you. We have opened our own private oasis for the most magical of moments, your wedding day. We are honored to be a part of your story and to be entrusted with your future memories. Thank you for that opportunity. We look forward to journeying alongside you in the coming months as we make your dreams a reality!

Leah & Joe

Leah, Owner

Leah is sincere and full of creative ideas. She has enjoyed planning weddings for almost 15 years. She understands that the couples wedding day is the most important day of their entire lives. This spurs her to work tirelessly to create their dream come true.

Her favorite part of Harmony Gardens is discovering the uniqueness of each couple and assisting to showcase their individual personality.


Joe, Owner

Joe believes weddings are an important part of a couple’s story and is honored to have a hand in the beginning of their journey.  He has an incredible eye for seeing the potential for new and exciting projects and executes his ideas well, constantly working to grow and improve the already beautiful landscape.

His favorite part of Harmony Gardens is designing new projects and creative spaces.

Janice, Certified Wedding Planner

Janice, Wedding Planner

Janice is friendly and attentive. She began designing interior spaces and homes over 30 years ago. That love for transforming the ordinary into extraordinary resonated with her and she began assisting with wedding design over a decade ago. Now, as a Certified Wedding Planner, she has the experience and training to make each wedding unique and spectacular.

Her favorite part of Harmony Gardens is working with each couple to ensure that their wedding day is exactly how they envision it and that each detail is meticulously cared for.

Nicole, Wedding Planner

Nicole, Wedding Planner

Nicole is our newest Wedding Planner. But not due to lack of experience. She has worked as a Wedding Planner and a Floral Designer for over 20 years in northern Michigan. After moving south for the sunshine, she has joined the Harmony Gardens team. Although, it seems like she has always been one of the family.

Her favorite part of Harmony Gardens is working alongside a team of amazing people that are all striving toward the same goal, a perfect wedding day each and every time!

Jenny, Wedding Planner

Jenny, Wedding Planner

Jenny is warm and congenial. And she loves weddings! She loves the planning, the excitement, and being part of the big day. She believes that every aspect, from the bride walking down the aisle and into her future to a detail like place cards that have been lovingly hand-lettered by a loved one, is a part of the couple's journey together.

Her favorite part of Harmony Gardens is developing a relationship with each Harmony Gardens couple and celebrating the moments and the stories that are created here.

A Brief History

Aragon Ranch was started almost 50 years ago, by Joe King, just retired from the movie industry. Known as "The Voice", Joe was in high demand as a movie, commercial and news commentator, even having won an Academy Award. After years of commuting from New York to Miami and keeping a rigorous schedule, he and his wife Doris were looking for a quiet getaway retreat. Joe loved horses and thus began Aragon Ranch, on which Doris began cultivating beautiful gardens to enjoy. She planted camellias and azaleas by the dozens. In fact she has one camellia bush dedicated to each of her grandchildren.

Their son Malcolm took over the garden design, working alongside Doris and began selling tropical plants all over the country. This continued to enhance the beauty of the gardens through the development of unique landscape design areas.

Years later Malcolm's daughter, Leah and her husband Joe have opened up the beautiful gardens, which were so lovingly cared for, to provide a unique wedding venue for couples seeking an elegant garden setting for their wedding.

Even the name Harmony Gardens is a tribute to Doris Harmony King's legacy!