Rustic Outdoor Venues Cater a Unique Wedding Experience

Nothing can compare to the elegance and timeliness that a chic rustic wedding offers. Creating an authentic experience in rustic outdoor wedding venues really makes your special day a fun and memorable occasion for everyone attending the wedding. Idyllic outdoor locations such as farm and barn venues make each wedding truly unique. For example, think of the memories you will share when you look back at the amazing pictures and video that capture your arrival in an antique horse-drawn cart as well as the attendees sharing in your momentous occasion with rustic scenery serving as the backdrop.

When selecting the location of rustic outdoor wedding venues you will want a location that is as true to the theme as possible like a farm with beautiful landscaping, horse stables, an outdoor gazebo and antique barns, for example. Otherwise, the wedding could be as costly as a Hollywood film production if your ideal scenery needs to be specially created and a bunch of props need to be brought in.

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With the popularity of outdoor weddings, many rustic venues have experience working with wedding planners and are able to cater to the wishes of each bride and groom to make their special day a unique, fun and memorable occasion right down to antique seats for the wedding guests during the ceremony. To make the rustic outdoor wedding even more authentic, some venues can cater an elegant chuck wagon feast on a farm or a country barbecue buffet in a barn as part of the reception, along with customized keepsakes and luscious desserts in keeping with the theme.

In every wedding with a rustic outdoor theme, the barn venue is often the centerpiece. But the progression of the wedding can be formatted to meet the preferences of the bride and groom. For instance, you may decide to have your ceremony and vows outdoors on the farm, but have the dining reception inside the barn.  In this case, the barn venue can be set up with wooden tables and chairs and subdued lighting to provide an elegant yet authentic rustic experience. The barn can also serve as the primary gathering hole where guests check in when they arrive and are provided with a map of the farm venue and an itinerary that outlines the planned event of the special occasion.

And if you have never actually been to a rustic wedding, just ask the outdoor venue to see some sample pictures of previous weddings they have catered. They will be glad to show them to you and it can be a great source of inspiration when planning your own rustic outdoor wedding.

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