Unique Outdoor Wedding Venues in Tampa Bay, FL

One of the most difficult aspects in planning the perfect wedding is finding the ideal venue.  There are many things to consider such as the weather, size of the facility, and other amenities that will help create a memorable experience for such a momentous occasion. The flexibility to create a unique wedding experience is one of the main reasons why outdoor wedding venues have grown in popularity. And one of the best outdoor wedding venues near the Tampa Bay, FL area is Harmony Gardens.

Harmony Gardens is a beautiful, award-winning 7-acre garden estate with towering trees, blooming shrubs and flowers, and pristine waterscapes. The ideal climate in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida area makes it one of the top outdoor wedding venues any time of year. The natural environment brings guests into the experience inviting them to enjoy the surroundings and share the special occasion with the bride and groom. And the luxurious natural environment is the perfect backdrop for unique photo ops.

Whether you are planning a casual outdoor wedding, a romantic and charming garden wedding, or an authentic country-style farm or barn wedding, Harmony Gardens is the venue of choice for creating the perfect theme for your dream wedding. Private suites are available for the bride and groom. There are dining pavilions as well as outdoor tents and an on-site catering service takes the stress out of creating delicious meals and delectable desserts for any wedding.

Garden wedding venues are perfect for any type of outdoor wedding experience as it can be decorated to match the bride and groom’s unique style and desires from a simple and casual wedding to a more formal and elegant affair. For example, the rose garden is an ideal location for the wedding ceremony. The fountains, ponds and tropical garden are all picture-perfect locales for capturing those special moments. Our unique farm and barn wedding venues on the property are another picture-perfect opportunity for creating a unique country-style theme wedding.

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